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New Signing – Taylor Davila

Photo Credit: RGV

Coach Cruz has managed to secure yet another major signing for the 2024 season with the acquisition of Taylor Davila. At only 23 years old, Davila’s 2023 campaign resulted in six goals, five assists, and the second-most chances created which earned him All-League First Team honors. He had the 6th highest xG of all CMs at 3.85 and the 7th highest G+ (3.84) of all players. He was one of the biggest free agents and he is joining the effort to earn the club’s third star.

Davila is a product of the LA Galaxy Academy who played college ball at Cal. He made his first appearance with Los Dos in 2018, concurrent with his time in college. By 2021, he was a regular starter in the USL. Heading into last season, he left the Galaxy’s organization for what would be Rio Grande Valley FC’s final season. As previously mentioned, it was a career year for the youngster who turned heads across the league. 

For those counting at home, that is the 2nd All-League First Team to join LouCity heading into the new season. One is big for any team, but two is wild! A statement of intent from the organization. Between last off-season’s loss of Corben Bone, this off-season’s departure of Tyler Gibson, and key players like Niall McCabe and Paolo DelPiccolo becoming more role players as they age, the midfield was becoming a bigger and bigger need. There is an argument to be made that the midfield was a weak point of last season, particularly on the offensive side of the ball and this pickup goes a long way to rectify that. Despite his fantastic 2023 season, Davila is young and could grow to be even more dangerous in a setup as robust as Louisville’s. If you were not already excited about the 2024 season, this signing should have you counting down the days until the regular season (59 days from today)!




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