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The Tifos of Louisville City

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Several months back, I wrote a piece on the tifo creation process after I had an opportunity to participate in the making of one. Now, having had that firsthand experience, I've developed a much greater appreciation for tifos. They are projects that take time and man hours and we, the Louisville City fan base, are extremely fortunate to have dedicated individuals such as the Harpers who help bring these to life. It is a unique part of soccer culture and something that both the casual and hardcore fans enjoy.

In an effort to preserve this element of the club's history, I set out to collect images and catalog all the tifos that have been created for Louisville City. Below is the result of that work. I've tried to make the listing as complete as possible, but it's possible that information missing. Should you have any info or tifos that are not included below, please reach out to me and let me know!

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in making these tifos a reality over the year!

United We Stand

Photo Credit: Augustus Waiters


Photo Credit: Coopers Website

Love Wins

Photo Credit: Coopers Website

Shark Attack

Photo Credit: @DowntownLouFan


We Make This Field Our Pitch

Photo Credit: Coopers Twitter

For City

Photo Credit: Bee Buck Photography

The Future Is Bright

Photo Credit: Bee Buck Photography


Photo Credit: Zach Allen-Kelly

Star Wars

Photo Credit: Zach Allen-Kelly
Photo Credit: Mathew Ballard

City of Champions

Photo Credit: EM Dash

City United

Photo Credit: John Harper

For City Forever

Photo Credit: EM Dash

Bye Felicia

Photo Credit: EM Dash

Wayne's Louisville

Photo Credit: EM Dash

Royal Kombat

Photo Credit: USL Memes

Farewell To Slugger

Photo Credit: Coopers Site

Our New Kentucky Home

Photo Credit: EM Dash

For Our City

Photo Credit: Benton Newman

City O's

Photo Credit: EM Dash

Welcome Home
Photo Credit: Coopers Twitter

City Attacks!

Photo Credit: Coopers Twitter

Thank You Brad

Photo Credit: EM Dash

Arrest Holly

The Arrest Holly tifo was made using the Thank You Brad tifo

Power To The Players

*The Power To The Players tifo was originally used by the Lavender Legion during Racing Louisville's home opener of 2022.

Bonus Banned Tifo

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