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Louisville City On The Road

Having previously examined the data of Louisville City’s home performances, it’s time to look into how the squad has historically performed outside of the bluegrass. Like the previous review, this will focus on regular season data from 2017 to present from American Soccer Analysis’s dataset. 2020 has been omitted, as LouCity only played 4 on the road and their numbers would be impacted by the much smaller sample size. It wouldn't be fair to line up 2020's data next to the other years with more than double the game count, now would it? Ok, now it’s time to dive in!

With 76 road matches played 2017 to present (again, excluding 2020), the boys in purple average 1/66 goals for per game (GF/G), 1.05 goals against per game (GA/G), and 1.70 points earned per match (Pts/G). While these averages fall short of their home record (as expected), it’s not drastic and still excellent averages overall. They score roughly a third of a goal less on average, essentially the same amount allowed, and earn about half a point less. They have been expected to earn 1.60 goals per game (xGF/G), 1.12 goals against per game (xGA/G), and 1.72 points per game (xPts/G).

2018 was a particularly great year with the team averaging the most goals for, second lowest goals against, and tied for the most points per game. It was also a bit "lucky" of a year with +0.48 Pts/G-xPts/G. It is 2022 that is close on its heels coming in second for goals for, leading in goals against, and tied for the most points on a per game basis. There are still a number of road matches left to be played in 2022, but the current numbers are quite promising. 2021 has been the least successful with the second fewest goals for, most goals against, and the fewest points per game (and also "unlucky" with -0.48 Pts/G-xPts/G). 2019 was only slightly better than 2021. As it stands, the change from 2021 to 2022 is a great move in the right direction for the club in terms of away performances.

When reviewing the performances monthly, August has been quite the positive outlier for goals scored while traveling. April and September have been the best defensive performances outside of KY. In terms of points, March and August have been quite favorable.

Curious to see how things continue to pan out for 2022!

Parting Thoughts

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