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Match Recap – Miami FC vs Louisville City – 09/20/2023

Photo Credit: MIA

Louisville City secured a big win over San Diego to start the final leg of the 2023 season. Despite a narrow lead, it appeared that LouCity was primed to secure their spot in 4th (maybe even 3rd). But they have an interesting stretch in front of them with a midweek MIA clash, followed by a trip up to LDN only a few days later. While both teams sit outside the playoff picture, the boys in purple will need to bring their A game and climb ever closer to locking up a home playoff spot. They got it done last time against MIA; Do they have what it takes to earn that post season positioning they desire?


Match Highlights

15’ – Totsch

48’ – Harris

74’ – Totsch

By The Numbers

Full-Time Thoughts

Louisville City has had several disappointing matches this season; a shocking 3-0 home opener defeat to ELP, a 5-0 thumping to SAC, a 2-0 loss to a bad DET team, and a flat 2-0 outing against BHM just to name a few. There is a decent argument to be made that this loss to Miami FC belongs near the top of the list. Forget the fact it was on the road and on short rest. Allowing four goals is never acceptable. Especially this late into the season. This team has been criticized for inconsistency throughout the season and this did nothing to quell those concerns. It is one thing to drop points, but it’s another to do so in the final stretch of the season fighting for optimal playoff seeding. The team was even gifted a rather soft PK but still managed to walk away with no points. Technical issues didn’t allow for the media to hear from Coach Danny Cruz after the match, but I can only imagine how livid he must have been.

There is no doubt there is loads of individual talent on this squad, but they have shown to lack consistency. Consistency is key. You do not make runs in the postseason when you have no idea which team is going to take to the pitch each match. Over the past season or two, we have started to slowly see a changing of the guard; aging champions have started to pass the torch to a young core. I grow concerned that the mentality that made teams of years past successful has not imprinted on the younger members of the squad like we would have hoped. Players are playing for their jobs and have been for a while. At this point, I am expecting a shakeup in the offseason. All too often, Coach Cruz has had to speak about the same issues; mentality, set pieces, etc. The coaching staff probably has a good idea of who gets it and who doesn’t.

After one of the more disappointing outings of the 2023 campaign, Louisville City drops to 5th as Memphis 901 climbs to 4th after earning one point against BHM. Thankfully, the only lead that MEM holds over LOU is on goal differential. Both teams have TBR and NM in the final four matches. MEM also plays BHM (again) and ELP, while LOU plays LDN and HFD. It’s a slightly easier schedule for Louisville, however, the team has to show up. Their margin for error is gone and they will need to play their best if they want a shot of playing at home in the first round of the playoffs. Hopefully, this loss was the final blunder of the season for the team.

Parting Thoughts

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