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Match Recap – Loudoun United vs Louisville City – 04/20/2024

Photo Credit: David Mucker

Following Louisville City's loss to Charleston, the squad picked up a rebound win over Greenville Triumph in the US Open Cup (follow that competition on!). From there, it was off to Loudoun. Riding high after a dominate mid-week performance, the boys in purple were out to earn three points in their pursuit of a league title.

Full-Time Thoughts

Not every game is a thrilling high-scoring affair. Some are ugly and if you’re lucky, your team can grind out a win from an otherwise forgettable performance. This was LouCity’s first slower match and won’t be their last. It happens. “Overall, we ground out a result in a difficult environment on the road. We get another shutout, and really, that’s the focus for us,” Coach Danny Cruz stated after the victory.

The obvious positive is that the boys in purple won the only stat that matters. Given the lofty standards and expectations set by both the club and its fans, it was a somewhat disappointing outcome. Louisville City is in the conversation for best team this season while Loudoun appears to be... well, Loudoun. They are still growing after their split from DC United, but it’s unlikely this will be their year to capture the broader USL’s attention. The home team played up while LOU failed to find the same level of exciting success they’d had earlier in the season.

No one tremendously stood out, good or bad. The awkward bounces on the turf were not helping anyone. Aiden McFadden and Jansen Wilson were halftime subs, but they didn’t appear to be particularly guilty of poor play. Whether it was the subs, team talk, or a little breather, the second half was a stronger showing. “The execution of halftime adjustments was really good,” said Coach Cruz. “I felt the subs that came in made a huge impact.” Loudoun’s failure to clear the ball from the box gifted Louisville a goal while Danny Faundez kept them out of his net. That is all that is needed to keep the points flowing.

All you can do from these is appreciate the positives, learn from the mistakes, and turn attention to the next match. This match will get lost in the shuffle as the season progresses, and that is ok. Coach Cruz had a more optimistic takeaway, “The players left everything that they could on the field there in the second half. I think there’s a lot to be proud of and confidence to be taken from it.” A win is a win. On to the next one.

Parting Thoughts

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