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Collecting History – A Call To Action For Louisville City Fans

With the possible impending collapse of one of my most used engagement tools, Twitter, it’s pushed up my timeline a bit for this one. Thanks, Elon. Anyway, this isn’t about a preventable collapse of a giant social media platform, but rather about Louisville City’s history. Our history.

In October, I reshared my post cataloging all the tifos that have been a part of LouCity. This generated some interesting conversation and got the wheels churning. The genesis of this site stemmed from a few desires; the need for a creative outlet, a way to engage with the local soccer community, a platform to do a little charity work, etc. One big driver was my desire to preserve the history of the club. I wasn’t around for 2015 or 2016. I was really only just getting into the club midway through 2017. I missed an important part of the club’s history and have little that I can reference to know what things were like surrounding the club at that time. The desire to preserve history has very much influenced how I have set up this site. Match recaps have been intentionally structured with historic preservation in mind. I try to include a broad swath of information from a verbal retelling of the matches, thoughts and feelings of the match, stats, and pictures capturing the important moments.

The imagery of events during and surrounding the matches is why I am writing this today. One day, I may embark on the quest to write a detailed account of the Slugger Field years, but I will start by doing so with the pictures of that era. This is where I need your help. I want to collect all the pictures you had taken during that time and create a repository by year. Kinda like the previously mentioned tifo post. My ask is that you send me your Louisville City pictures from the clubs beginning through the 2019 season. Just as important as sending the pictures themselves is providing what context you can. Please, at a minimum, let me know what year the pictures are associated with. However, if you can get more specific (ex. the exact match) that would be wonderful. I realize that may not always be possible and that is ok. If you are not the photographer, please make it clear who is so that I can provide credit accordingly.


I want you to send me the pictures you have taken from 2015 to 2019. Tailgating, marches, club events, celebrations in the stands, or anything that is a fun picture to reminisce on from the Slugger years. At a minimum, please tell me what year the picture is from and if you can provide more context, that is great. Let me know who took the pictures so that I can provide credit to the right person. You can email the pictures to me at and this offseason I will catalog and share all that I have collected.

Keep an eye on this space as I have a number of pieces that I want to do this offseason!

Parting Thoughts

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