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Next Match – Louisville City vs San Antonio FC – 04/15/2023

This is a match that everyone circled on the schedule as soon as it was released. The 2023 USL Finals rematch. LouCity vs San Antonio. An enormous early season matchup and a shot at a little bit of redemption for Louisville falling short last season. The boys in purple have already faced a bit of adversity, but after securing a win over Detroit, they are as ready as they can be to take on the reigning champs.

San Antonio has picked up right where they left off last season. They have earned 11 points in five matches, only putting them behind Sacramento (their last opponent) due to goal differential (which is on us). They have 4.8 shots on target per match (4th), 1.4 goals scored per match (7th), with 0.6 goals conceded per match (2nd), and two clean sheets (4th). Given their early performance, it’s not shocking that they are right behind LouCity for odds to make and win the finals, according to FiveThirtyEight.

Names to know include Connor Maloney, Lamar Batista, and Jordan Farr. Maloney is one of the best players in the league and a mainstay of SA for the past few seasons. He currently leads his team in assists (two) and has the 2nd highest player rating at 7.91. Batista, a newcomer, owns the highest rating at an astonishing 8.27. As a defender, he is tied for 1st with two goals this season. Already looking like a huge get for this juggernaut of a team. Last but not least is Farr. Largely accepted as one of, if not the, best keepers in the league. He is a big reason why they are able to allow so few in goal.

Despite having home field in this match, it’ll be a huge battle for Louisville. FiveThirtyEight, however, is projecting confidence in Morados, giving them a 47% chance to win to SA’s 25%. I’m not convinced they know how to fully assess this anomaly of a team, but I’ll take it. The SAC test was a huge failure, but this is another early shot to gauge where the team is and how their championship aspiration may fare this season. You’re not going to want to miss out on this match. Can’t wait to see Coach Danny Cruz and the boys dish out a little payback for last season.

Parting Thoughts

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