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Match Recap – FC Tulsa vs Louisville City – 08/04/2023

Photo Credit: FC Tulsa

The win over Indy at home could be looked back as a defining moment of Louisville City’s 2023 season. One a three game losing streak (on top of other subpar performances), LouCity pulled out a much needed multi-goal win over local rivals in front of a season high 13k fans. As big of a win as that was, a lot hinges on the team being able to string together results and built momentum that they had largely been lacking this season. A road trip to Tulsa proceeded the boys in purple’s motivating win. Tulsa came out on top in their previous meeting at Lynn Family Stadium. It was now up to the reinvigorated LouCity squad to right the record and bring home three points.


Match Highlights

31' - Totsch

58' - Lancaster

80' - Harris

By The Numbers

With an xG of 0.91 for and 1.35 xG against, there may have been a touch of good fortune for LouCity, however, when confidence is high, a team can make the most of their few opportunities and that is what we witnessed in this one. Much like last match, it was minimal possession for the boys in purple, but they found 11 shots and four on target. Tulsa, meanwhile, had nearly 70% of their accurate passes occur in their own end. Kinda makes the possession numbers a moot point, doesn’t it? Their two on target shots were quality; one requiring Semmle to tip the shot over the crossbar and the other a goal line stand by Oscar Jimenez. Unfortunately for the home side, Louisville was in the driver’s seat for this match.

Shots, Assists, Key Passes

Player Of The Match

Much like his good friend and roommate, Oscar Jimenez, Cameron Lancaster has suddenly returned to form looking like the player he was back in the Slugger days. “I thought his work rate was excellent,” Coach Danny Cruz said of Lancaster. “Obviously, the finish there was a great finish. He deserved a goal tonight.” In slightly over an hour of play, his hustle earned him an assist to Sean Totsch and a goal off the press alongside Elijah Wynder. He appears to be thriving with a newfound belief in himself. Hope to see it continue!

Full-Time Thoughts

Louisville City made the most of their newfound momentum and earned themselves another important three points. It’s amazing how much a change in shape can make a difference. The fun brand of LouCity soccer is back with an interesting new twist. Like last match, the 3-5-2/5-3-2 (same difference, really) maximized the roster’s potential, allowing all to shine. And just like the Indy match, there was little that the opposition could do about it.

“I have a locker room in there that wants to get better every day — that’s absolutely bought in, as we’ve talked about all year despite all the ups and the downs,” Coach Cruz said. “For me, this is a good performance — a solid performance — that we need to make sure we build on.” It was crucial for the team to secure this road win. While the previous home win was huge, it could have only been a positive blip on the radar if it was not followed up with another solid outing. With two wins strung together, it feels less like it a fluke (it never really did in my biased eyes) and more like a proper return to form (what we all had been hoping for).

As revolutionary as the addition of Kyle Adams and the change in shape has been, it’s been especially fun to watch the reemergence of Cam and Oscar. Two longtime players who hadn’t seen a ton of success in the past year or two now feel like locks in the starting eleven. As time goes on, I find it especially fun watching OGs work their way back into the spotlight. Who knows how many more years we will have these former champions, so be sure to soak it in when they are playing like they are now.

The problems of earlier in the season feel like distant memories (nightmares) with the high we are riding on. There is still a lot of season left and an uphill battle to take on in the Eastern Conference table, but right now it feels like the squad could take on anyone. This optimism and confidence will be put to the test in only a few short days. The Charleston Battery (2nd, 39 pts) come to town and give Louisville (4th, 35 pts, one game in hand) an opportunity to close the gap in the table and keep the good times rolling. Fall is creeping up, so let’s make the most of the remainder of the season!

Parting Thoughts

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