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Regardless of the outcome of tonight’s #LOUvTBR match, the end of the season is near. With the season coming to a close, I felt it would be a fun idea to have a fan selected player of the year! There are many players on the squad worthy of this honor, but we can select only one. I’m not only hosting a poll for this award, but I am also adding a charitable twist. After we select a winner, I will have that player select a local charity that I will make the focus of a fundraising effort through the end of November. 

When I started, I not only wanted to channel my obsession in a creative outlet, but I also wanted to leverage it to do good within the local community. Charitable efforts are something that I want to have greater involvement in, and I plan to use this platform for that. I believe that there is a lot of good within Louisville City’s and Racing Louisville’s fanbases, and I want the city to see that. 

Below is a survey when you can select who you think deserves to be named the Player Of The Year. Please vote and share with all your family and friends. Although a local charity has not yet been selected, I have gone ahead and setup a donation link. Whether you pull the trigger now or wait until a cause has been selected, I hope that you will consider contributing and supporting our local community. I will personally pledge $100 towards the cause. Any amount that you can spare will make a difference.

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