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Next Match – LIPAFC – Louisville City vs Indy Eleven – 06/26/2021

It’s time for the 2021 Louisville Indianapolis Proximity Association Football Contest Part Two - Electric Boogaloo. Part One did not go the way of the home side but a three-match win streak for Morados has them entering this match, firing on all cylinders. Indy has been on a bit of a slide and encountered a little drama since the last meeting. Will this be the one where Louisville City gets their revenge?

Since the last #LIPAFC, Indy has only won one, drew once, and suffered three defeats. During this stretch, Martin Rennie and Indy Eleven broke up. Say what you want about the Hackworth situation but at least LouCity was able to keep their drama in-house.

Their losses have not exactly been great. Memphis 901 isn’t the strongest competition and letting them snag a win up north isn’t good. While Pittsburgh is a solid squad, they went a man down and still walked out of Carroll Stadium the victor. The Eleven are average only one goal per match to an average 1.11 conceded. The expected goals story isn’t much better. They’ve taken 98 shots (10th in the league) but only have nine goals to show for it (20th in the league).

This Indy squad has a lot of individual talent. Like the preview entering the last match, it's Nicky Law, Gordon Wild, and Manuel Arteaga that Louisville needs to be watching out for. Law has created 18 chances (6th in the league) averaging a player rating of 7.08. Wild has two assists to his name (2nd in the league), 16 shots (14th in the league), and 16 chances created (10th in the league). He is also leaving his team with an average player rating of 7.47 (which is outstanding). Let’s not forget Arteaga who has two goals, one assist, and 25 shots (2nd in the league). Nick Moon with one goal to his name and their defensive standout Neveal Hackshaw also bears mentioning.

Photo Credit: EM Dash

Louisville City is the favorite according to FiveThirtyEight who have given the good guys a 52% chance to win. I was quite vocal about this after the last match but if we can put up the same kind of stats, City will win. The last LIPAFC was a bit of dumb luck and Louisville found themselves on the wrong end of it. After three games in seven days, the LouCity boys will enter this match with a full week of rest. It’s time to take advantage of the momentum gained and extend the win streak to four!

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