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Farewell, Saint Louis FC

Word has, officially, come out that 2020 will be Saint Louis FC’s final season. Between COVID-19 and the imminent arrival of Saint Louis City SC in 2023, the ownership group decided to shut down shop. Our rivals began play in 2015 and compiled a record of 50-60-48. They also happened to be our very first opponent in league play (I wrote about that games Lou City starting eleven here). This is a very tough day for those who work with the club, the supporter groups such as the St Louligans, the general fans of soccer in St Louis, and for the greater soccer community as a whole.

I cannot begin to imagine what they are going through. To have something you so passionately cared about disappear would be devastating. I would never wish this upon anyone. While the end is near, they will always have many great memories to cherish. I’d encourage you to check out @LouliganBird’s twitter thread. They may have been rivals of our beloved Louisville City but they will be missed.

To the fans; I hope that Saint Louis City SC is a success that can help fill the void of this loss in a few years. If you still prefer the USL over the MLS, you are more than welcome to come back to a game in the bluegrass. To the employees of Saint Louis FC as well as the players; I hope that this closing door leads to another great opportunity in the near future. Keep your heads up. Make the most of the time that you have left in the blue and green.

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