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Coopers Board Election

As you may have already read online, the Coopers are holding their annual board election. With my desire to become more involved in the Lou City/Racing Lou community, I have decided to run for one of the Member-At-Large positions. The Member-At-Large role will “attend all Board of Directors meetings, club events, and general membership meetings; perform duties as may be requested by the Board of Directors or the President.” I am running as I see a unique opportunity for the Coopers to help make a lasting impact on the community. I want to help make this group one of openness and acceptance for all fans and to channel our passion for the club into positive outlets.

While the Coopers help to create the exciting and electric game-day atmosphere, I would like to focus on cultivating the groups growing partnership between the club, other supporters groups, and the greater Louisville community. I’ve committed myself to helping with charitable efforts within the “purple family”. From starting my own initiatives to helping support and promote initiatives created by others, I want to help show the city that our passion for our teams can leverage for good. If I were elected as a Member-At-Large role for the Coopers, I would focus on helping to grow the group's Angel Share charity program into one know outside of the fan base. Continuing various fundraising raffles and volunteer opportunities will be important, but I would also like to inject new ideas into the mix. The St. Louligans are a supporters group of St. Louis FC who have become known for their wildly successful charitable efforts. Beginning a dialogue with them would be a helpful starting point for us in working to replicate the success they have had in impacting their local community. I would also like to help grow the group’s relationship with fellow supporters groups such as the LouCity Ladies, Scouse’s House, and the Lavender Legion to collaborate and support their efforts. We are all one team and we will have strength in numbers.

If you are a dues-paying Coopers member, I humbly ask for your vote in this upcoming election. I believe that I have the desire and leadership for the role. Should you have questions for me, you can reach out via Twitter (@PurpleSDF), Facebook (, or by email.

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