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LouCity Players in FIFA

FIFA is a soccer game released yearly by Electronic Arts (EA) that allows gamers to play as their favorite team. While FIFA boasts a huge variety of leagues and teams from around the world, unfortunately, the USL is not one of them. Fans of the USL would be eager to see FIFA (or Pro Evolution Soccer) include the league in future installments, however, previous editions of the game feature several players who are now in the USL ranks. While we cannot jump into a game controlling Louisville City, I looked back to old versions of the games to see who on the 2020 roster has been in FIFA before. Below are the 9 LouCity players that I found (according to

At the age of 22, Hoppenot made his FIFA debut in the 2013 edition on the roster for the Philadelphia Union. He remained with the Union for FIFA 14, FIFA 15, and FIFA 16 and only had a change in overall in FIFA 15 where he dropped to 60 overall.

Lundt’s sole appearance is in FIFA 20 as a member of FC Cincinnati. The 24-year-old German had an overall of 56 and no headshot in the game. Given his lack of appearances for FC Cincy, this is no surprise. After a fantastic 2020 campaign, it looks as if he will play a bigger role in Cincy’s plans. Keep an eye out for him potentially in FIFA 22!

A beardless Brian Ownby can be found in FIFA 13, FIFA 14, and FIFA 15 as a member of the Houston Dynamo. At age 23, he was a 58 overall in FIFA 13, a 59 in the next version, and back to 58 in FIFA 15.

Cam Lancaster is the only player on this list to not feature as a member of an MLS side. At 19, Cam can be found on the roster of Tottenham in FIFA 12 in the English Premier League. He had a 62 overall, which he maintained for FIFA 13 and decreased by one in FIFA 14.

Corben has the most FIFA appearances at 6. He is found in FIFA 11 through FIFA 15 and FIFA 20. His first three years are with the Chicago Fire, the next two with the Philadelphia Union, teaming up with Hoppenot, and his FIFA 20 appearance is with FC Cincinnati (with Lundt). A 21-year-old Bone only had an overall of 61 in FIFA 11, but that increased to 63 for his subsequent appearances.

At age 22, Johnson made his first FIFA appearance in FIFA 12 on the Houston Dynamo with Ownby. He had a 61 overall but that would decrease in his FIFA 14, FIFA 15, and FIFA 16 appearances. On FIFA 15, he moved from the Dynamo to the Chicago Fire.

In FIFA 15, a 23-year-old Ockford is a member of the Seattle Sounders roster. While he only began as a 56 overall, he has the highest overall of any player on this list. He would also appear in FIFA 16 before an absence in the next two installments. He returns to the series one last time in FIFA 19 as a member of the San Jose Earthquakes with a 64 overall.

Walker is found in FIFA 12 through FIFA 16 as a member of the LA Galaxy. He began as a 59 overall but slowly grew to a 62 overall. During his time with the Galaxy, he would share a locker room with several big-name players such as David Beckham, Landon Donovan, Robbie Keane, and Steven Gerrard.

And finally, we have PDP. The UofL product is found in FIFA 13 and FIFA 14 as a 46 overall member of the Montreal Impact (missing his headshot). Unfortunately, he is the lowest rated player on this list, however, not all of his past and present teammates can even say they were featured in any edition of the game!

If you need a fix of FIFA with some members of the LouCity roster, FIFA 13 or FIFA 14 would be your best bet with each sporting 7 players. I remain hopeful that someday they will recognize the league in the game, but in the meantime, you have the older versions to check out these players in as well as future editions (Ben Lundt, Jonathan Gomez?, Akil Watts?).


There are a number of LouCity alumnus in various editions of FIFA. Reddit user, philipdurbin11, put together the below Lou City All Time FIFA Squad which features former beloved players like Mark-Anthony Kay, Kyle Smith, and Greg Ranjitsingh.

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